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Is it possible to use Morphée during the day ?
The “Nap” program provides a break in your day to rest and recharge your batteries. You can also listen to other sessions during the day to relax and release the tensions.
Is Morphee suitable for kids ?
Children over 8 can use Morphée in complete autonomy. For the youngest, we suggest they take the sessions with their parents
There is another person sleeping in the room, how can I use Morphée ?
There are several solutions :
  • You can take the session in duo using the built-in speaker
  • You can plug-in your headphones
  • You can also put Morphée on the mattress, right to your pillow to listen to your session without disturbing the person next to you.
Where can I use Morphée ?
Morphée is nomad : its removable wooden shell allows you to cover and protect the keys during transportation. Its battery gives you the autonomy to take it with you everywhere (work, travel, transports) and to use it everyday for approximately one week.
What is Heart Coherence ?
Heart coherence exercises first goal is to reduce the number of inhalations / exhalations by minutes : from 10 at the beginning to 6 at the end of the session. Slow down the heartbeat helps falling asleep quickly and easily.
How many sessions does Morphée contains ?
Morphée contains 210 session combinations. But as a music album, if a session suits you, you can listen to it continuously.  
Will Morphée ever be available on smartphone ?
Never ! Morphée is a disconected device meant to help you falling asleep.At night, your smartphone, which is considered as the worst enemy of sleep by experts, should be in another room in plane mode. This is the only way to ensure a real break from your day and to take full advantage of your night of sleep.Your smartphone is very useful during the day, much less so at night …
  • It maintains the user in a state of alert since a notification can arrive anytime. This excitation is mainly caused by the presence of the smartphone itself, even in plane mode.
  • It creates agitation due to the content it provides : social medias, news, sms ..
  • It produces blue light tricking your body and making it think it is still daylight. This reaction keep your body from producing melatonin, the sleep hormone.
Is Morphée working on battery or pluged into mains ?
Both ! Morphée owns a battery that charges in few hours (supplied with charger) and lasts for a week to 10 days.

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