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Awesome !


This is great. I’ve replaced my tiny pill with Marc’s voice and I fall asleep before the 20 minutes session ends. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I simply launch a new session and it works. I use Morphée at night and for now, it’s perfect.

Testimonial by Aurélie G.  07.02.2019


I’m a fan !

I’m truly fond of Morphée because it gives me a true sensation of wellness and relaxation. I also offered one to a member of my family.

Testimonial by Julie B.  05.27.2019


I really enjoy it

This is exactly why I expected to help me relax and fall asleep.

Testimonial by Jean V.  04.23.2019


It’s perfect !

Really satisfied with this purchase ! Morphée really helps you to relax and fall asleep, plus, the design is great ! I recommend this product !

Testimonial by Chantal Z.  06.11.2019


Amazed by this tiny gem !

Just perfect ! Recordings are beautiful, sound quality is top-notch, large choice of effective sessions, easy to use (even in the dark !) beautiful and original design. Morphée is effective.
Testimonial by Jonanthan C.  02.27.2019

As I expected !

A month ago, I received Morphée and it lived up to my expectations. The device is well designed and really refined. Compact and pleasant to the touch, it’s really easy to use. You managed to marry simplicity and high quality.

Testimonial by Juliette H.  07.22.2019

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