How Morphée works ?

When you cannot sleep …

Turn the first key

And choose your thematic.
Morphée contains 7 relaxation and sleep micro-therapy to help you fall asleep : body-scan, breathing, movement, visualization, heart coherence, naps and nature sounds.

Turn the second key

And choose your session
Each thematic contains 8 different sessions. A list of these sessions can be found in the Sleep Blue Book which comes in with Morphée.

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And choose the length of your session.
Each session is available whether in 8 or 20 minutes. You can listen to your session through the built-in speaker or your headphones. And let yourself be guided …

Start the session

Choose between a male or female voice and let Morphée convey your attention from your mind to your body and breathing.

Our session are meant to reduce stress and induce peace and relaxation, so you can fall asleep easily and enjoy a truly restful sleep.

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In less than 2 minutes !

210 session combinations :

  • Meditation or sophrology sessions
  • Heart coherence sessions
  • “Nap” sessions
  • 3D nature sounds sessions
  • Choose your length : 8 or 20 minutes
  • Choose your voice : male or female

Session's thematics

All of our sessions have been crafted by a team of sleep professionals, supervised by Florence Binay a sophrologist specialized in sleep.

These sessions allow you to forget about your working day, relax your body and relieve your mind. These three elements are fundamentals for an easy, deep and restful sleep.


16 Original sessions

The body-scan sessions invites you to focus on your body by channeling your attention on it. These exercises allow you to reduce the flow of thoughts and progressively relax each part of your body.


16 Original sessions

In these sessions you will channel your attention to your breathing to calm your mind from the agitation of the day and fall asleep peacefully. 


16 Original sessions

Morphée will guide you through these sessions by inviting you to slowly contract some muscles. Relaxing those muscles when breathing out will help you release all of the tensions you have been accumulating.


16 Original sessions

These sessions will carry you to a new universe : the beach, the mountain or even riding a bicycle. They help you disconnect from your day by visualizing suiting and peaceful situations.

Heart Coherence

16 Original sessions

Cardiac meditation is meant to slow-down the heartbeat by reducing the inhalation/exhalation frequency. This method is used to relax your body and progressively lead the user to sleep.


8 Original sessions

These sessions start with a 4 minutes relaxation exercice, follow by a 8 or 20 minutes silence, depending on the length you chose. At the end of the timer, bird sounds wake you up softly.


8 Original sessions

Morphée contains 8 binaural (3D) recorded sessions of nature sounds. Listening to those records with a headphones will guaranty a complete immersion. These sounds have been recorded all over the globe to best transcribe the various atmospheres : ocean, storm, beach, jungle …)

Session extracts

Listen to an extract
with Juliette’s voice

Listen to an extract
with Marc’s voice

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